ergSol provides businesses carbon free heat and carbon free cooling


Rising Profits

Innovative Solar Thermal System solutions provide long-term financial benefits

  • Significant reduction in energy costs.
  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Long-term operational cost-effectiveness.
  • Life cycle cost-effectiveness.
  • Attractive and secure return on investment.
  • Fixed low energy prices for more than 20 years, reducing dependency  from fluctuating and increasing fossil fuel prices.
  • Once the investment is paid back, the production of energy is virtually free!

Preservation of Resources

A healthy environment and prosperous economy go hand in hand.

Solar thermal will have a substantial economic impact and enhances the quality of life for future generations.

Social Equity Benefits:

  • Increased energy security.

  • Maximize energy availability.

  • Conserve fossil fuel resources.

  • Manufacturing job creation that drives broad and sustained economic growth.


“ergSol shows how local changes make a global impact.”


ergSol shows how local changes make a global impact.

While we know sunlight delivers free energy in large quantities, ergSol solar thermal systems delivers this energy with additional environmental benefits:

  • Carbon Free heat source.

  • Putting refrigerant emissions on ice.

  • Small footprint- high energy performance.
  • Environmental sustainability combined with elegance and modern sophistication in design.
  • Improve air quality with beneficial impacts on health.
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions.

Small Actions

Epic Effects



One, 3,100 sq.ft. solar collector field, provides domestic hot water, saves 100 TONS of CO2 from being produced by fossil fuels and 100 ACRES of FOREST from having to absorb that CO2.