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Carbon Free Heat and Carbon Free Cooling

ergSol provides efficient, turn-key thermal energy solutions

ergSol provides its customers an attractive economic value proposition- durable, highly efficient, complete and integrated solar thermal systems.  A key component of such systems, highly efficient solar thermal evacuated tube collectors, are manufactured by ergSol in the U.S. (the nation'f first).  ergSol's highly advanced evacuated tube technology takes solar thermal energy to a new level- providing a cost-effective, clean energy alternative to natural gas and electricity, and putting refrigerant emissions on ice.

Whether for process heat, cooling, refrigeration, desalination, waste water treatment, domestic hot water, and space heating, ergSol provides the necessary technology and the services required for complete the integrated solar thermal solutions: from energy assessment, engineering and design, system components, to installation, monitoring and maintenance.



What makes the product unique?

Solar thermal systems are the clean and environmentally friendly technologies with inherent energy storage for on-demand use.  Solar thermal energy is an elegant solution that can be customized and optimized for many applications.  Naturally sourced and durably delivered, solar thermal applications include business, industry, agriculture, and homes.

ergSol's evacuated tube collectors have excellent properties for all applications:

  • High performance collectors represent the state-of-the-art for localized, non-concentrating, non-tracking solar thermal design.
  • Capable of producing temperatures up to 300ºF with efficiencies of 50% or higher.
  • High energy density per square foot of installation area.
  • Integrated design for buildings maximizes function and aesthetics- flat on roofs and facades.
  • Applicable to retrofit and new construction in any climate zone.
  • Minimal wind load.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.

In sum, solar thermal energy systems demonstrate simplicity, flexibility, scalability and bankability.

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Large scale to small scale to your scale

  • Solar thermal systems are clean and environmentally friendly technologies with inherent energy storage for on-demand use.
  • More than 50% of total energy consumed by commercial and industrial customers in the U.S. is for heating and cooling purposes.

Innovative solar thermal applications and system designs include:

  •  Businesses: hotels, grocery stores, health clubs, office buildings, commercial kitchens, restaurants, etc...
  • Industries: food processors, pharmaceutical, beverage/bottling, breweries, wineries, laundries, manufacturing, etc...
  • Agriculture: dairy, poultry, agricultural products, cold storage, greenhouses, etc.
  • Water: desalination, waste water treatment.
  • Buildings: prisons, hospitals, airports, convention centers, schools, museums, libraries, etc...
  • Housing: residential, multifamily, retirement homes, community districts.