Energy to change the world.

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ergSol provides businesses carbon free heating and cooling systems that save money and the planet. Our high efficiency solar thermal technology is the standard trusted by the world’s leading companies. 


ergSol provides a suite of professional services to our clients that includes design, financing, installation and maintenance. Our product’s building integrated design maximizes function and reduces visual impacts associated with many solar technologies.  We are committed to helping California and the West, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heating and cooling systems.

ergSol- Let the sun work for us.

erg – a unit of energy derived from the Greek ergon, meaning ‘work’.
Sol – Latin for the star at the center of our solar system: the Sun


“We bring expertise, ideas and passion together to take thermal energy to a new level."

Wolfgang Weiss  |  Founder


Catch The Sun Locally

The fundamentals of solar thermal systems are simple – solar radiation is collected and resulting heat conveyed to a heat transfer medium – in this case water. The heated medium is used indirectly, by means of a heat exchanger which transfers the heat to its final destination (hot water). 



Sunlight delivers more energy in one hour than the Earth uses in one year.